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I was born in Brasov, Romania in April 1981.  I began to paint at the age of 10 and at the age of 18 received a Diploma in Graphic Arts.  In 2005, I studied Photography and Film Image at the University of Arts, then taught herself to use 3D Animation graphics and the techniques of advertising design.  Satisfied with my breadth of skills, I returned to painting and embarked upon my professional career.  I see my work as a celebration of its subject matter, which I tend to interpret with an edge of the fantastical or fairy tale.  Just as children are a common source of inspiration to me, I encourage child-like responses from my viewers too; asking them to explore and tap into their own imagination and creativity.  In particular, I remind the viewer of the importance of creative play.  Other sources of inspiration to my work are women, “magic moments”, and the idea of purity.

Don’t forget to play!

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